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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Endless mountain views, volcanoes and gorillas are just a few of the sights to be seen in this tiny land-locked country, which is working hard to escape the memories of genocide:
Fact - Addresses the issues of torture and organised violence.

Orphans of Rwanda - Assists orphans and vulnerable young people in Rwanda who have been affected by the 1994 genocide and diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria.

Surf - Survivors Fund - Supports a wide range of services for victims in Rwanda.

Youth Association for Dissemination of Development Information - Has set up various projects such as: Action Against Computer Illiteracy, Lack of Life Skills and Development Information, Voice of Youth Against HIV/AIDS, Universal Arts Project

Amani Africa - Uses sports teams and clubs as a way to reach out to Rwandan youth and street children.

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