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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Help Others. Find Yourself.

So often people go away on vacations, near or far, and come disappointed with their day-t0-day lives. 'Voluntourism' combines a great trip with the opportunity to assist people in the local area you're visiting, as well as to learn much more about the part of the world you're in.

This blog provides information on charities in countries all over the world, so that visitors can contact a charity they're interested in to arrange a volunteering session, for an hour, a day, a week, a month - anything helps! If you're not going away anytime soon, maybe you could look up your own country and see what's possible?

I hope that people will use this blog to share their experiences and ideas. If you know of any deserving charities that could be added, please do so, and if you have volunteered while on holiday, please let us know. The easiest way to find a country you're interested in helping is to make use of the search bar above.


This is a country which has been fought over as long as anyone can remember. Today, it remains a volatile place, and progress towards stability remains slow and painful. Opportunities to assist in rebuilding abound, although safety and caution is advised.

Turquiose Mountain - Regenerating Afghanistan's traditional arts and historic areas while creating jobs and skills.

Help Afghan School Children - Aims to help Afghan children catch up on years of lost schooling.

Aid Afghanistan for Education - Dedicated to empowering women and rehabilitating the education system in Afghanistan.


Pristine beaches, charming towns and ancient sities - be surprised by Albania while volunteering with:

Children's Human Rights Centre of Albania - Works to promote the respect of children's rights, and to protect children from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Organisation for the Support of Albania's Abandoned Babies (OSAAB) - Provides care for abandoned babies. Volunteers visit the hospital to feed, hold and talk to the babies.

The Albanian Alps Institute - Supports improved quality of education for children in isolated regions.

Albanian Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (ARCT) - Contributes to building a democratic society without use of torture, in a country where strong political persecution has taken place for many years.


One of the most fascinating countries in the region, Algeria presents a mix of the traditional and modern, with some stunning architecture and scenery. Help out here with:

Association for the Families of Saharawi Prisoners and the Disappeared (AFAPREDESA) - Responds to the deplorable position of the disappeared and tortured, and the anguish of their relatives.


Explore this remote and undiscovered country, with its numerous geographic highlights and vast cultural riches, while helping rebuild a nation that has suffered from warfare and poverty:

The Bridge UK-Angola - Helps a wide range of groups, inclusing street children, the sick, the elderly, and destitute communities.

Saint Isabel's Children Charity - Focuses on improving the quality of life for abandoned and orphaned children, underprivileged young adults, and the elderly.

Kissana Foundation - Works to conserve Angola's natural resources and national parks.


Choose your own adventure in Anguilla, in this idyllic island edged by amazing beaches, while volunteering with:

Anguilla Community Foundation
- Devoted to improving quality of life on the island by making grants to those in need and supporting local charities.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Antarctica is like nowhere else on earth. The enormous white wilderness of snow, ice, water and rock will never fail to inspire awe and wonder in even the most well-travelled visitor. Experience what many people don't by coming here and volunteering with:

Volunteer Research Trips - Collect data on glacier recession and marine mammals, then enjoy snowboarding and kayaking in this amazing setting.

Antigua and Barbuda

Your vacation is all about the beaches here - among some of the most stunning to be found anywhere. While visiting, volunteer here with:

SANDS - Provides support for families coping with stillbirth and neonatal death.


Experience the power of Iguazu Falls, the passion of Buenos Aires, and the reward of volunteering:

Fundacion Arte Viva - Generates innovative cultural and educational experiences to furnish individuals with skills for personal and social growth.

Alimentar Ensenando - Mission is to feed, teach, strengthen and support low-income families.


Verdant valleys lie between a fascinating mixture of castles, palaces, churches and mosques. Visit and volunteer with:

Fuller Center for Housing - Assists in building and renovating safe, simple, comfortable homes, with and for low-income families in Armenia.

Civil Society Institute - Aims to assist and promote the establishment of a free and democratic society in Armenia.


Beautiful beaches, a unique national wildlife park and a relaxed environment creates a lovely spot in which to volunteer:

Volunteer While You Visit - Provides details of a number of initiatives such as the Reef Care Project, a Donkey Sanctuary, Coastal Clean-Up Day, and Save The Turtles.


Outstanding natural landscapes, some of the best dive sites and beaches in the world and laid-back cities await you in Australia, along with chances to volunteer:

The Charities Book - The portal for information on major Australian charities.
Camp Quality - Brings optimism and happiness to the lives of children and families affected by cancer.

Friday, July 16, 2010


The architecture and cafes of Vienna, the scenic Alps, the splendour of Salzburg - there are many delights to be sampled in Austria, including volunteering:

Art Miles Mural Project - Combines the efforts of children and adults worldwide to promote global peace and harmony through mural art.

Birdlife Austria - The largest organization for ornithology and the protection of birds in Austria.


Discover the many delights of Azerbaijan, such as palaces, medieval cities, mud volcanoes, mountain villages, and volunteering with:

Chf Azerbaijan Implements community mobilization and economic development programmes.

Junior Achievement Azerbaijan - Inspires and prepares young people to succeed in a global economy.

The Bahamas

Be as active as you like by sailing, diving, or kayaking, or just relax on the beaches before assisting with:

Andros Conservancy and Trust - Works towards protecting the marine environment and natural resources.


Experience Bahrain's combination of traditional and modern influences as you visit forts, wind towers, burial mounds, and huge shopping and entertainment complexes. Help out here with:

Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioural and Communication Difficulties - Promotes opportunities for individuals with behavioural difficulties, and their families.


This country suffers from seemingly endless trials, both natural and man-made, but somehow remains a place of vitality and, in parts, unique beauty. Volunteer here with:

Theatre & Arts for the Less Fortunate - Uses theatre and the arts to address topical social and health issues.

Vialisa Foundation - Works to improve the prospects of street children and young workers living in slums.


Explore perfect beaches, lush scenery and beautiful plantations while helping out with:

Variety - Works to improve the lives of children of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

Bajan Dream Project - Gives people the skills and support needed to join the workforce, start their own business, earn their own income and have a home that is compatible with human dignity.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Picturesque villages mix with appealing cities and deep forests in Belarus, where you can help out with:

Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Centre - Creates innovative ways to promote learning amongst young people.


Crammed with cute towns and renowned for excellent chocolate and beer, volunteer here through:

European Volunteer Centre - The voice of volunteering in Europe.


A diver's paradise, Belize is also home to ancient ruins, national parks, and volunteering opportunities:

Belize Audubon Society - One of the most influential conservation organizations in Belize.

Cornerstone Foundation - Organises various cultural, community service, and peace-related volunteer programmes.

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary - A private wildlife sanctuary and environmental education centre.


The birthplace of voodoo, this country was once home to one of the most powerful empires in Africa. It now suffers from poverty and needs your help:

Mothers of Africa - Helping mothers during childbirth, this charity started in Benin.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sun, sea, coral reefs, kayaking, yachting - it's all here at this tropical paradise, along with chances to volunteer:

Keep Bermuda Beautiful - Engaging individuals to take greater responsibility in reducing waste andeliminating litter through action and education.
The Family Centre - Works to stabilize and strengthen families through therapeutic, caring services and community partnerships.


Visit stunning monastries, trek sacred mountains and help out in this unique and fascinating country:

Amicus Foundation - Works with orphaned children, destitute families, disenfranchised women and imperiled cultures in Bhutan.


Home to natural wonders such as jungles and salt flats, vibrant indigenous cultures, colonial cities and volunteering opportunities such as:

Bolivian Street Children Project - Addresses the unique needs of street children and makes a lasting difference in their lives.

Mujeres En Accion - Works to counter discrimination and violence.