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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Escaping the shadows of violence and war, this beautiful country provides culture, stunning landscapes and opportunities for adventure and volunteerism:

SOS Bosnia - Delivers personal aid to people on all sides affected by the wars and their aftermath.


One of sub-Saharan Africa's success stories, with vast open savannas full of wildlife, Botswana is a perfect African destination. Volunteer here with:

Tusk Trust - Promotes solutions for the preservation of Africa's animals and their habitats, and links conservation and environmental issues to decision making in the ongoing development of rural Botswana.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Famous for carnivals, beaches, waterfalls and football, as well as inequality along with opportunities to help address this:

Task Brazil - Improves the lives and supports the needs of children and pregnant girls living on the streets of Brazil.

Action for Brazil's Children - Dedicated to helping vulnerable children and young people.


Skiing in the winter, summer by the Black Sea, magnificent monasteries and villages relatively untouched by modern life. Discover the delights of Bulgaria while volunteering with:

Bulgarian Partners - Brings hope to those on the edge of society.
One Life Charity - Helps children with life-shortening and life-threatening illnesses.

Burkina Faso

Deserts, green countryside, colourful markets, wildlife safaris - all this, and volunteering:

Paper For All - Improves children's learning conditions by providing academic resources and tutoring for children in one of the most illiterate countries in Africa.


One of the world's most special and secluded places, come here to see some of the thousands of Buddhist temples, trek through forests, experience the intrigue of Mandalay, and to volunteer:

Prospect Burma - Funds scholarships for Burmese students and English language courses in Burma.

Burma Children's Fund - Supports orphanages across Burma to provide shelter, health care and education. Follow their blog here:

Myanmar Charity Group - Provides assistance for the education and general welfare of disabled and orphaned children.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Filled with soaring mountains and languid lakeside communities, this currently peaceful country is a great place to volunteer:

Eulogia - A project to build houses for orphaned children.


A magical country home to the greatness of the Angkor Wat temple and the despair of the killing fields. Peace has returned along with unique volunteer opportunities:

CamKids - Helps children in Cambodia who are poor or vulnerable.

Partnership for Development - Empowers disadvantaged people to improve the quality of their lives in a sustainable way.

Life and Hope Association - Works to build a peaceful society.


One of the most culturally diverse places in Africa - for people, for landscapes, and for volunteering:

Self Reliance Promoters - Contributes to the fight against poverty.

Help International - Aims to improve social and economic well-being through education, skill development and job creation.


Large enough to contain anything you could ever wish from a trip - vibrant cities, beautiful scenery, outdoor adventure - as well as volunteering opportunities:

Charity Village - Encourages and services Canada's 200,000 charities.

Cape Verde

Containing barren flats, verdants valleys, and a volcanic peak, Cape Verde is full of surprises, as well as opportunities for volunteering:

Eco Education Project - Carries out training on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Local Ecosystems.

Cayman Islands

A haven for diving, snorkelling, hiking and a chance to find a slower pace, and volunteer:

Cayman Islands Cancer Society - Increases awareness, prevents the development of cancer, and counsels and supports cancer patients and their families.

Central African Republic

A staggeringly beautiful country, with amazing wildlife, it still suffers from under-development, poverty and insecurity. Try to help with:

International Rescue Committee
www.theirc.irg/where/central_african_republic - Runs emergency assistance programs for displaced people and vulnerable populations.


Travelling here can be dangerous and unstable, but still contains a number of unique attractions in its deserts and national parks, as well as chances to volunteer:

Safer Birth in Chad Foundation - Supports the training of midwives to reduce maternal mortality.


Stretching from deserts to glacial fields, this country offers a wealth of experiences, including volunteering:

Unread Mothers - Works to bring basic education to poor mothers and their children.

Nesst - Works to solve critical problems by developing and supporting social enterprises.

Habitat for Humanity - Promotes the right of vulnerable families and communities to a home.


No description can fully explain the varied attractions of China. Home to a fifth of the world's population, the opportunities for adventure in all kinds of settings seem limitless. Although continuing to grow as a world economic power, millions here still live in poverty. Help out with:

Half the Sky Foundation - Provides nurturing care for China's orphaned children.

China Giant Panda Volunteer Program - Offers customized volunteer tours in China.


All kinds of adventures await you in Colombia - safaris, jungle walks, trekking, surfing, diving - as well as volunteering:

Las Golondrinas - Works to give familes of marginal neighbourhoods a present and future with hope and dignity.

Solidarios En Red - Contributes to increasing social justice.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Congo, Democratic Republic

Journey into the Heart of Africa, filled with volcanoes and rivers, while you help out with:

Maisha Foundation - A non-profit organisation for street children in Lubumbashi.

Journalists in Danger - Dedicated to defending and promoting press freedom.

Congo, Republic

Known for its lowland gorillas and wild chimpanzees, the Congo contains rainforest, jungles and chances to help:

Azur Development - Provides leadership in the socio-cultural and economic development of the Congo, and Africa in general.

Cook Islands

These remote desert islands offer spectacular scenery as a backdrop to volunteering:

Global Volunteers - Help to bolster literacy, provide care for the elderly and perform other social services while learning about the captivating South Pacific culture.

Costa Rica

One of the most biodiverse countries in the world, come to Costa Rica and surf, hike, watch wildlife, and volunteer:

Save the Parismina Sea Turtles - Set up to combat the effects of widespread poaching.

Kids Saving The Rainforest - Educates children about the rainforest, preserves local rainforest land, and rehabilitates baby and injured animals. Kids Saving The Rainforest recently partnered with the Blue Banyan Inn to facilitate learning about and volunteering with endangered animals.

Cloud Forest School - Educates people to love, respect and protect the natural environment.

Cote d'Ivoire

Safaris, beaches, rainforests and faded colonial charm come together in this country, along with opportunities to help:

La Pierre Angulaire - A health assistance and counselling charity.


With one of the most amazing coastlines in the world, Croatia is a special place to visit and volunteer:

Eco-Centre - A research and education centre for the protection of nature.


This fascinating country offers the chance to see the decaying beauty of Havana, explore the delights of the countryside, listen to the non-stop music that pulses through the island, and volunteer with:

Camaquito - Supports children in Cuba in the areas of education, sports and culture.

Cuba AIDS Project - Directly supports HIV/AIDS patients.


This sunny island is home to golden beaches, gorgeous mountains and beautiful architecture, and offers opportunities to volunteer such as:

Cans For Kids - Educates children about the importance of recycling and recycles cans to buy medical equipment for paediatric hospitals.

Czech Republic

Home to the stunning city of Prague, beautiful castles, and a fine array of beer, the Czech Republic is a perfect spot to visit and help out:

Rozmberk Society - Works for natural and cultural heritage preservation.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Fairy-tale country with lively towns, pretty countryside, medieval churches and castles and chances to help out:

The Volunteer Centre - Promotes and supports the development of voluntary social work.

International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims - Promotes and supports the rehabilitation of torture victims and works for the prevention of torture worldwide.


Vast salt lakes, the Goda mountains, the chance to snorkel with whale sharks, this is a unique and exciting place to come and volunteer:

Djiboutians League of Human Rights - Committed to the protection of human rights of Djiboutians.


Ancient forests, sparkling waterfalls, hiking, diving, and volunteering:

Dominica Charity - Aims to help the youth, disabled, elderly and schools, hospitals and churches.

Longe Dominica - Supports the Kalinago community through a variety of programs.

Dominican Republic

Home to resorts, villages, mountains and some amazing beaches, the Dominican Republic is a chilled-out spot in which to volunteer:

The Dominican Republic Education and Mentoring Project - Provides quality education for children born into poverty in rural areas.

Project ABC - Works with marginalized communities of Haitian immigrants to the Dominican Republic.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This tiny country crams in a diverse range of adventures, as well as chances to help out:

Centre for Meditation, Peace and the Resolution of Conflict - Seeks to reduce conflict and promote global peace.

Arajuno Road project - Aims to create a structured curriculum within the jungle schools of Ecuador.

Volunteering Ecuador - Helps the most underprivileged members of society.


Home of the pyramids, pharoahs, crazy cities and chilled-out beaches, Egypt is a wonderful country to visit and volunteer in:

Worldfish Centre - Reduces poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture.

Maadi Community School - Provides affordable education.

El Salvador

Pristine forests, active volcanoes, sparkling lakes and chances to help out:

Interchange and Solidarity Centre - Promotes cultural exchange between the Salvadoran people in the search for development and dignity.

Equatorial Guinea

Offers adventure, volcanic views, rainforests and opportunities to volunteer:

Abaana Ministries - Charity helping children in Africa.


Featuring a superb array of archaelogical sites, discover these and other hidden treasures while volunteering with:

NUEYS - Enhances social, cultural and educational exchanges among Eritrean youth in Eritrea and among the diaspora.


Lovely seaside towns, lush forests and striking ruins create a peaceful backdrop to volunteering:

Estonia Fund for Nature - Preserves the natural diversity of Estonia.

Tartu Volunteer Centre - Promotes the development of volunteering in Estonia.


Explore the underground cathedrals at Lalibela, trek through the Simien Mountains National Park and volunteer with:

A Glimmer of Hope - Offers help to those suffering from the injustice of poverty.

GEES - Promotes eye services in Northern Ethiopia.


Coral coasts, sun-kissed islands and fabulous scenery both above and below water create a perfect setting for volunteering:

Homes of Hope - Operates a home for young single mothers.

Naqaqa Giving Foundation - Provides direct support for education, health and wellbeing of Fijians living in remote villages.


Skiing, saunas and sunny summers make this a great destination for volunteering at any time of year:

Free From Drugs - Provides support for families affected by drug problems.

The Refugee Advice Centre - Provides legal aid and advice to asylum seekers.


A country you'll never want to leave with an endless variety of settings, wonderful cuisine and chances to volunteer:

Promo'Arts - Helps young artists gain an audience but also involves local businesses in sponsoring and promoting events.

Cancer Support France - Offers emotional and practical support. CSF offers support to English-speaking people whatever their country of origin.

Restos du Coeur - Collects food, money, books, toys and clothes for the needy and homeless.


Totally off the beaten path and setting itself up as a new ecotourism destination, Gabon provides an ideal setting for volunteering:

The Aspinall Foundation - Manages a gorilla conservation project in Gabon.


Stunning national parks, atmospheric beaches and bustling fishing villages all make this a great place to volunteer:

The Fresh Start Foundation - Helps to build new lives for vulnerable children in The Gambia.

Wonder Years of Excellence - Provides educational opportunities, primary healthcare, life skills and employment facilties for underprivileged communities.


A complicated history set in a gorgeous country, Georgia is a fascinating place to visit and volunteer:

International Center for Civic Culture - Supports civic society and the development of democratic political processes.


Home to fairytale castles, exciting cities and a fascinating history, combined with chances to help out:

Aventis Foundation - Promotes music, theatre, arts and literature projects.

Association of German Development Non-Governmental Organisations - Umbrella organisation of independent NGOs working in development cooperation.


Bright colours, lively villages, wildlife viewing, and volunteering:

Urban Poor Child Organisation - Supports poor urban children to undergo any training of their choice.

Youth Alive - Alleviates the plight of street and vulnerable children.
Orphanage Africa - Supports orphans, needy children and women in Ghana.


A myriad experiences await you in Greece with its legendary history, stunning vistas and beautiful beaches. Volunteer here with:

Therapeutic Holidays Centre - Offers holidays combined with an extensive range of healing programs and activities for people with various disabilities.

Medasset -Works for the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats.


Experience the raw power of nature and take part in sea kayaking, rock climbing, salmon fishing, and volunteering:

International Training Center of Indigenous Peoples - Provides workshops to indigenous peoples from around the world.


Visit this relatively undiscovered and beautiful country and volunteer with:

Kido Foundation - Preserves the natural ecosystem.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Explore the wonders of Mayan heritage while helping out with:

Association of the Children for the Children - Creates a home for children in need.


A spectacular country, with tropical dry forests, rainforests and waterfalls, come here and volunteer with: - Works to assist local communities and promote traditional music and dance.