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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A country you'll never want to leave with an endless variety of settings, wonderful cuisine and chances to volunteer:

Promo'Arts - Helps young artists gain an audience but also involves local businesses in sponsoring and promoting events.

Cancer Support France - Offers emotional and practical support. CSF offers support to English-speaking people whatever their country of origin.

Restos du Coeur - Collects food, money, books, toys and clothes for the needy and homeless.


  1. Thanks for adding Cancer Support France. We aim to support people as near to their homes as possible through our network of 14 independent affiliated associations. All contacts are on the website.
    As part of our outreach to those who do not know about us we are mounting 'Cancer Support France Awareness Week' during September. Look out for events going on near you! For more information about the association or to find help, please ring the national help-line: 05 45 89 30 05.

  2. CANCER SUPPORT FRANCE AWARENESS WEEK 20th - 26th September 2010
    Our first week of events across the country begins on September 20th. It has a two-fold purpose. The first is to improve people's knowledge of CSF and what it does so that people who may need help can find it. The second is to raise money for the National group who support the local associations. Anyone can take part by organising a small get-together. Ring the National office for more information, or an association in your area.