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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Explore this picture-perfect country with its cute cities and glorious mountains while giving back to its communities with:

Hirondelle Foundation - Operates media services in crisis areas.

One World Beat - Unites musicians of all genres and organises concerts to convey a message of hope through music.

Workcamp Switzerland - An excellent way to get involved in an environmental, social or cultural project while meeting local people and other volunteers.


Biblical cities, a variety of souks, and sandy desert outposts scatter this country, which offers various volunteering options.

Arab Writers Union - Mobilizing literature in Syria.

SoS Children's Villages - Creates a loving home for children who have lost their parents.


Lush mountains, hot springs and great hiking opportunities make this an excellent choice for vacation and volunteering:

National Culture and Arts Foundation - Creates a favourable environment for arts and culture.

ECPAT Taiwan - Works to enhance children's rights and prevent child prostitution.

Garden of Hope Foundation - Helps disadvantaged girls, especially those caught in the sex industry, and victims of sexual abuse and family violence.

Good Shepherd Sisters of Taiwan - Addresses the problems of teen prostitution.


Possibilities for ecotourism and volunteering abound in this mountainous and fascinating country:

Service Civil International - Seeks to develop civil society, mobilise youth and enhance their opportunities for engagement in the community.

Aga Khan Development Network - Has a number of projects in Tajikistan.


Home to Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest mountain, spectacular safaris and the incomporable island of Zanzibar, Tanzania also suffers from poverty and related problems. Assist with:

Empower Tanzania - Works with water projects, AIDS orphans and palliative care to improve people's quality of life.

Livingstone Tanzania Trust - Works with rural communities to alleviate poverty.

Achieve in Africa - Promotes education so that children can choose their own path in life and achieve their dreams.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Tropical paradise, delicious food and stunning temples make this many people's favourite South-East Asian country. Opportunities to mix travel with volunteering abound:

Thai Charities Directory - An extensive resource for charities in Thailand, sorted by area of interest: Animals, Children + Youth, Community Development, Disability, Environmental Protection, Health Care, Disaster Relief, Human Rights, and Women.


Find adventure, magnificent diving, and work to help this place and its people recover from conflict with:

Life, Love & Health - Addresses the fundamental needs and aspirations of the Timorese people as they move forward through difficult challenges to their independent future.


Discover lost colonial towns, voodoo secrets, and many ways to help this often-unfortunate West African country:

Agerto - Set up by young people to promote sustainable development and harmony.

Gvept - Works to alleviate poverty and hunger among women widows.

Young Volunteers for Environment - Safeguards the interests of the environment and resources.


Experience amazing diving, whale-watching, and get way off the beaten track while helping out with:

The Salvation Army - New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga - Runs addiction services, education centres, senior friendship programmes and youth work.

Trinidad & Tobago

Mix beaches, carnivals and rainforests with volunteering by helping one of these organisations:

Trinidad & Tobago Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Runs programs which address the issue of violence in society.

Wildlife Orphanage & Rehabilitation Center - Provides care, medical treatment, recuperation and rehabilitation to orphaned, sick, displaced or injured animals, with the goal of returning them to their natural habitat.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Tunisia offers sun, sea, sand aswell as ancient sites and opportunities to volunteer such as:

National League Against Tuberculosis - Supports the fight against tuberculosis and respiratory diseases.

SOS Animaux Tunisie - Defends the causes of animals and ensures their protection.

Friday, April 23, 2010


This amazing and diverse country, the bridge between Europe and Asia, offers everything you could wish for from a vacation, as well as some excellent volunteering opportunities:

Haykod - Provides happy lives to animals until the end of their natural lifetimes. It is the world's largest no-kill animal sanctuary.

Youth Kutahya - Gathers young people together and supports them to do something for themselves.

Mother Child Education Foundation - Has vast research, program development, program implementation and advocacy experience in early childhood and adult education.

Human Rights Agenda Association - Organises activities in the human rights field at the national and international levels.


Turkmenistan proves a challenge to most visitors. It is a highly controlled state and visas are hard to come by. Take on the challenge, discover the treasures of Turkmenistan, and help out with:

Turkmenistan Youth & Civic Values Foundation - Dedicated to developing and encouraging civic values, international experience, and community engagement in the people of Turkmenistan.


The 'Pearl of Africa' suffered dreadfully under the brutal rule of Idi Amin. Uganda is now working towards escaping his legacy - assist in this with:

Buyemba - An educational, health, infrastructure and livelihood charity in Southeastern Uganda.

Good Hope Initiative - Improves the livelihood of rural disadvantaged children, orphans and poor people.

Adult Literacy and Initiative for Development - Vocational skills, health care and health education, adult literacy and computer training.

Budiope Child Care Homes - Works to eliminate poverty in a rural area in eastern Uganda.

Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation - Helps orphaned and destitute children who are victims of war, HIV/AIDS, disease, poverty and natural calamities.


This country, with its beautiful buildings and stunning scenery, is working towards a new future and escaping its Soviet past. Contribute to this process with one of the following organisations:

Innovation and Development Center - Provides information on and support to a comprehensive selection of non-governmental organisations.

Youth Environmental League of Prydniprovye - Works to protect the environment and preserve national culture.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

United Arab Emirates

Check out the surprisingly varied attractions this destination has to offer while getting involved with:

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children - Aims to alleviate violence against women and works against child abuse and human trafficking.

Kerala Social Centre - Promotes arts, culture, literature and sports.

Special Needs Families Group - Provides support for families with special needs children.

United Kingdom

Take this chance to get to know my fabulous home country and help out with on-going issues:

Volunteering England - An excellent resource for a wide range of volunteering opportunities.

Do-It - Search through over 1,000,000 opportunities to volunteer, and apply online.

National Trust - A great way to combine a holiday in the outdoors with conserving the UK's heritage and environment.

BTCV - Organises conservation activities across the UK.

Oxfam - Takes action in a variety of ways to fight poverty across the world.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

United States of America

Despite bring by far the richest country in the world, the USA suffers from a number of social problems that you can help with:

New York Cares - Arranges a wide range of projects depending on your interests and time commitment.

Volunteer Match - Identifies opportunities to suit your needs, including virtual volunteering.

Serve.Gov - Helps people serve America's communities.

Craigslist - Search for volunteer opportunities (and anything else!) in the area you're interested in.

The Salvation Army - Helps rebuild lives, offers comfort and support, and works with local communities.


One of South America's most developed countries, with pretty colonial towns, beach resorts and a year-round mild climate, this is an ideal location for combining vacation with volunteering:

Karumba Conservation & Biodiversity - Works to protect endangered sea turtles and promote sustainable development of fishing communities.

Organization for the Conservation of Cetaceans - Volunteer opportunities for marine conservation and whale watching.

Wild Life - Conserves nature in Uruguay.

Bridge To The South - Works in development projects, humanitarian aid, awareness and social economy enterprises.

Children With Wings - Helps in the struggle against extreme poverty and social exclusion in Uruguay.

Lunas House - A center specializing in the care of adolescents and young mothers.

Cempre Enterprise Commitment for Recycling - Promotes the reduction and recycling of waste.

Guayubira - Highlights the value of, and threats to, native forests.

Women's House Union - Runs programs to support women and youth.


Fascinating architecture, a long and varied history, and authoritarian politics - this country still suffers from widespread poverty and unemployment. Assist in its development with:

Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation - Promotes open democratic civil society in Uzbekistan.

International Organization of Ecology and Health - Conducts research into pressing ecological problems, educates on ecological awareness and culture.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Join President Hugo Chavez's socialist experiment and experience this exciting and varied country by volunteering with one of the following organisations:

National Indian Council of Venezuela - Supports the indigenous people of Venezuela.

Jose Maria Bengoa For Feeding and Nutrition - A social organisation which works to help the most vulnerable groups of the population.

Foundation Light and Life - Aimed at achieving social justice and promoting human rights.

Voluntary Dividend for the Community - Channels the collective efforts of the private sector to improve quality of life of poor communities.

Venezuela Without Limits - Dedicated to improving the living conditions of people at risk.

Socieven - Promotes action on behalf of deaf and blind people.

The Turtle Foundation - A non-profit organisation aimed at protecting the environments and its biodiversity.

Concienciativa - Disseminates through media messages the ethic of family, work, respect for human rights and solidarity with those less fortunate.


This country has stunning scenery, fascinating history and exotic cuisine, and is rapidly escaping the chains of poverty. Contribute to this exciting evolution with:

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation - Works with children in crisis, offering them a wide range of services and support to help them break out of poverty.

Waifs of War Foundation - Assists victims of the Vietnam War, focusing on children and young adults who grew up without the benefits of a father/grandfather.

Ecoboat - A floating classroom in beautiful Ho Long Bay which provides hands-on, experiential environmental education.

The Little Rose Shelter - Responds to the growing incidence of human trafficking by providing a safe shelter to young girls and helps them build a positive future.


This country, steeped in tradition and one of the crossroads of the world, suffers from clashes between government and rebels, poverty, and a reputation for harbouring Islamic militants. Uncover the mystery and help its people with:

National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms - One of the first frontline organizations working to defend human rights in Yemen.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) - Focuses on primary healthcare, economic development, education and food security.


Despite a wealth of valuable copper reserves, Zambia has been unable to escape the trap of poverty. This country has an amazing amount to offer - help unlock this potential with one of the following:

Volunteer Zambia - Offers quality volunteer programs in Education, Wildlife and Community Building.

The Butterfly Tree Charity - Assists rural communities, provides improved education, feeding programs, safe water, health care and an orphan sponsorship program.

New Horizan Orphanage - Works for underprivileged girls living in the compounds and streets of Lusaka, Zambia's capital.

Rescue Mission Zambia - A youth-initiated, -led and -oriented organisation that works to empower children and youth, especially those in rural areas or disadvantaged youth in urban areas.

Elephant Pepper Development Trust - Promotes the livelihood of farmers through training and development of agricultural techniques which promote elephant conservation.


In the 1960s, Zimbabwe was one of the richest countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Now, it suffers from the worst inflation in the history of the world aswell as chronic food shortages, mainly due to the mis-rule of Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country whose future should be a lot brighter than it currently looks. Take your opportunity to give the people of Zimbabwe some much needed hope by contacting any of these organizations:

Volunteer in Zimbabwe - The only Zimbabwean organisation working to promote and encourage volunteerism in Zimbabwe by both locals and internationals.

Bwaca Arts Promotion - Uses the arts to revive and maintain Zimbabwe's cultural heritage and social well-being.

Kufunda Learning Village - A learning village whose purpose is to improve the co-creation of strong life-affirming communities in Zimbabwe.

Neniwo - Facilitates direct support of education of orphans in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights - Works to foster a culture of human rights in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Women's Resource Centre and Network - A women's information organisation with a focus on collection, analysis, processing and dissemination of information on gender and development.