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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Join President Hugo Chavez's socialist experiment and experience this exciting and varied country by volunteering with one of the following organisations:

National Indian Council of Venezuela - Supports the indigenous people of Venezuela.

Jose Maria Bengoa For Feeding and Nutrition - A social organisation which works to help the most vulnerable groups of the population.

Foundation Light and Life - Aimed at achieving social justice and promoting human rights.

Voluntary Dividend for the Community - Channels the collective efforts of the private sector to improve quality of life of poor communities.

Venezuela Without Limits - Dedicated to improving the living conditions of people at risk.

Socieven - Promotes action on behalf of deaf and blind people.

The Turtle Foundation - A non-profit organisation aimed at protecting the environments and its biodiversity.

Concienciativa - Disseminates through media messages the ethic of family, work, respect for human rights and solidarity with those less fortunate.

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